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Signs That Indicate That You Should Replace Your Garage Door

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Yes, your garage door might look old but how do you know that it is time to replace it? Here are some things that signify that it is time to replace your garage door.

A Hesitating Garage Door

When the button of a garage door is pushed, it should work without any hesitation. If the door hesitates in any manner when it starts to go up and then go back down, there is a problem with it.

This door is very dangerous and must be replaced as soon as possible. A garage door should operate smoothly so cars, children and other objects won’t suffer any injury.

Unstable or Shaky Garage Door

If you notice that your garage door shakes or is unstable when it is in operation, then you might need to replace it. A shaky door signifies that the door is unbalanced and not working in the right way.

Broken or Chipped Parts of the Door

If you inspect your garage door carefully and you start to see splintered wood or any break at its edges, then that signifies that it is time to change the door. The bottom edge of the door should also be examined. If that part that sits on the floor starts to tear away from the body, then the door needs to be replaced. A damaged garage door of this potential presents a very great risk to those living in the home.

An Unevenly Resting Garage Door

At times, a garage door will fail to sit evenly on the ground. Some part of the door will slant upwards while another end will sit on the floor. Any garage door that can’t sit evenly on the floor will fail to operate properly. A properly working garage door will go up and lower evenly and the edge of the door will sit evenly on the ground. A garage door that can’t rest evenly must be replaced. The following can happen if a garage door rests unevenly on the garage floor:

· Animals like snakes and rodents can enter the garage through the gap created under the garage door.

· There will be too much pressure placed on the springs at one side of the door.

· The gap under the garage door will affect the temperature of the garage.


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