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Everyone with a gate operator and garage door opener use them atleast 2 times a day per person witch make the motors to work alot a day the they needed to be maitain on the right way to fix any issues in the future.

      TUNING & Maintain


Garage Door:

Every garage door need maintain and tuning after about 5 years spacially at wood doors.

The garage door spring getiing lose by the time and getting weak by the weather changes. the screws are coming lose and needed to be tighten and the cables on the side needed to be oiled. we recommand to use wd-40  if you dont have somthing else.


Swing / Slide Gate :

Gates are the most beautifull part of the house and it gives a high class of life to the house owner. any pesron in the house use the gate for atleast 2 times a day what makes the operators to be strong and durable to high cycle of use.



      Garage door / Gate openers

Garage door opener: we use the best garage door openers and we provide all the paperwork of warranties to any garage door opener we install.

our invoices apply to the cosutmer when the job is done and user's manual (electronic parts only)


Gate operators:

The gate soperators are the swing and slide we install both of them and mainatin it aswell.

      Garage Door / Gates Repair

Garage door repair:

we repair all kind of garage doors and fix any kind of spring , we do also commercial garage door repairs. we try to get the costumer to the high quality of service and to get it done at the same day!


Gate repair:

Gate repaires needed to be by a speciallists only becouse a heavy gate can be very deadly to the user we send our best techintions to fix gates.

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